Rio 2

My rating: ratings2

In Rio 2, Blu and his family travel to the Amazon after hearing that a bird of their species was discovered and that there might be a whole flock of then out there. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, who wants to terminate Blu after the events of the first film, with the help of a “poisonous” frog named Gabi. Blu also must save the jungle from an anti-nature team, which has captured Linda and Tulio and is trying to destroy the jungle.

This movie lacks everything the first film had, including beautiful scenery of Rio, this time of jungles, which isn’t anything new. There are too many songs compared to the first one, and none of them are as catchy as the ones from the first film. I noticed many changes from the first film. First of all, my two favorite characters from the first film, Nico and Pedro, don’t really serve as characters in this installment. This time they’re more like annoying commentators. I also noticed a big change in Nigel, who is now acting like a wanna-be Shakespeare, always reciting quotes from Romeo and Juliet and what not. Also, this movie didn’t try to connect to the first one at all. It falls way off track from the first one. The first movie is all about saving birds and letting them be free, but the second one is all about protecting the environment, which isn’t something we haven’t seen before. Also, this movie tried but failed to make me laugh, except for maybe once. I think the only people who will be amused by this movie would be young kids.

Here’s my conclusion: Rio is an inspiring, original movie with great animation and a lot of humor. But Rio 2, on the other hand, is a complete rip-off. It lacks humor, originality, and connection to the first movie. I think all Blue Sky Studios was trying to do this time was amuse kids. If you’re not a young kid, though, this movie has nothing for you.

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