Independence Day: Resurgence


Twenty years after the defeat of the aliens that attempted to annihilate the human race and take Earth for themselves, another wave of aliens arrive with even more advanced technology, and we are just as unprepared as we were before.

The first Independence Day movie is great because its idea was not as popular back then, and it was a loads of fun to watch Will Smith kick some alien ass. Does any of that mean we wanted a sequel? Independence Day: Resurgence is not only unpleasant to sit through because of how unnecessary it is, but also because it’s so overly ambitious at the same time. We get lots of familiar faces from the first film, including Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson and Bill Pullman’s former U.S. president Thomas Whitmore, but unfortunately Smith is nowhere to be seen, and his absence is hardly explained. Goldblum and Pullman feel so misused here, even though they both try their best to pull off a good performance. We also get a large younger cast including Liam Hemsworth as a pilot-in-training on the moon, Jessie T. Usher as Will Smith’s character’s son, and Maika Monroe as President Whitmore’s daughter. None of these characters lived up to the cast from the first film. Here, the younger cast felt like they were only there to save the day, and they were nothing close to interesting or fun characters. There are also some supporting characters that the writer tires to make important but instead don’t really do anything.

For the first 45 minutes of the movie, I actually found the film to be decent fun, almost like the first film minus the great character development. However, the second and third acts become so complicated and tiring that it was even hard to follow along with it all. There are too many characters that have to be kept track of, as well as an enormous battle to protect our existence, a galactic conspiracy, and a dull pitch to set up another sequel. The movie is too overstuffed with plots that at one point even the movie’s script decides to give up. The final act is so predictable, laughable, and drags on for way too long, that I felt like I shouldn’t still be watching the movie. The end is too stretched out and boring that I almost stopped paying attention. The movie at first tries to stick to the formula of its predecessor, and this sometimes works, and other times does not. Also, the CGI here is terrible, as everything feels either too overdone or too fake. This movie should have been a great and entertaining action flick like the first Independence Day movie, but instead is a lifeless and uninspired action sci-fi flick that payed twenty-something actors to stand there and do nothing, decided to call itself a film, and was released for the sole purpose of making money. The movie does have a few funny moments that were cleverly written, but they do not hide the fact that this was ultimately not a sequel worth waiting for.


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