Partysaurus Rex

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Those who will see Finding Nemo 3D this fall will also see the third short film in the “Toy Story Toons” short film series, Partysaurus Rex. The first two short films, Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry, were as hilarious as this one, which involves Rex (voiced by Wallace Shawn) getting left out at the bathroom and making friends with bath toys. I think everyone will enjoy this hilarious short film.

Also, here is a 40-second clip from Partysaurus Rex.

Finding Nemo 3D

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A touching Pixar film, Finding Nemo, was re-released in theaters in 3D, and I recently saw it with my brothers. It stars Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGenres, and Alexander Gould. It is a movie about friendship, and is the story of a clownfish named Marlin (played by Albert Brooks) who searches for his son (played by Alexander Gould), who was captured by divers. The 3D of the film is amazing I think everyone will enjoy it, including adults.

Also, here is the website and the trailer of the movie.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days is the third installment to the film saga based on the graphic novel series written by Jeff Kinney (this film is based on the third and fourth books in the series, The Last Straw and Dog Days). I found the film very hilarious and touching. It stars Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Devon Bostick, Peyton List, Melissa Roxburgh, Steve Zahn, Rachel Harris and Karan Brar. It is the story of Greg Heffley (played by Zachary Gordon), who intends to play video games all summer, but when his parents (played by Steve Zahn and Rachel Harris) ban television and video games for the whole summer, Greg ends up doing other fun things like going to country clubs, boardwalks, parties, fishing, pools, camping trips and many other fun things. I would reccomend this movie for everyone, including adults. This film is still in theaters, but if you don’t watch it in theaters, don’t worry because it will be available on DVD starting December 18!

Also, here is the website of the movie. It includes fun games, videos, and more!

Also, here is the trailer of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

Born To Be Wild

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Born To Be Wild, which I saw a few days ago, is a nice documentary about orphaned elephants and orangutans being raised by humans and being returned to the wild once they’re ready to, but I think the movie is way too short (it’s only 40 minutes long). The film is narrated by Morgan Freeman, and it features Daphne Sheldrick and Birute Galdikas, the two animal experts who raised the elephants and orangutans. In the movie, the animals act really smart, knowing that the humans are trying to help them and not harm them. I learned that although some people are really cruel to animals (hunters and poachers kill animals for no good reason but greed), if the rest of us care enough, we can help make the world a better place. This film is now on DVD and Blu-ray.

Also, here is the trailer of Born To Be Wild.