Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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The film begins with 4 young Half-Bloods (Luke (Jake Abel), Grover (Brandon T. Jackson), Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), and Thalia) running to Camp Half-Blood, but only 3 make it because Thalia sacrificed herself to get the other three Half-Bloods to the camp. Her father, Zeus, turns her into a tree which creates a barrier, protecting the camp from intruders. Seven years later, Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) discovers that the Tree of Thalia has been poisoned by Luke, and the only antidote is the Golden Fleece, which is located in the Sea of Monsters, what humans call the Bermuda Triangle. Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Clarisse (Leven Rambin), another Half-Blood and Tyson (Douglas Smith), a Cyclops who is Percy’s half-brother, must journey there to retrieve the Fleece.

I saw this movie last week. I liked it, but I thought that the first Percy Jackson movie was better. The film did have a few flaws, though, including that Pierce Brosnan isn’t in it! Instead, an old guy named Anthony Head plays Chiron. Also, Polympheus was way smaller than I imagined. And Anabeth’s hair is blond; in the first movie her hair is red.

But if you haven’t seen the first movie or read the bboks, you might enjoy it more than I did, like my friend, who saw the movie with me and hadn’t seen the first one yet or read the books, but still really enjoyed the film. There were also a few parts that made us laugh. I would recommend this movie for kids 11 and up, because the film is very violent, frightening, and has some language.

Here is the film’s site and trailer.


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Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in this movie, which tells you about how Apple was created, and how Steve Jobs changed the world of technology. The film manages to deliver a message: You can do the impossible as long as you believe it, but if you don’t, you will not succeed. In other words, some people see what’s possible, other’s change what’s possible.  Josh Gad hilariously plays Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ childhood friend, partner and co-founder of Apple. Dermot Mulroney plays Mike Markkula, who invested in Apple in 1976 and eventually started working there, while Matthew Modine plays John Sculley, the former CEO of Pepsi, who soon becomes the CEO of Apple and forces Jobs out of the company in 1985, and Luke Haas plays Daniel Kottke, Jobs’ friend.

Ashton Kutcher is an amazing actor in this movie. In the first scene, which shows Jobs presenting the iPod at an Apple Town Hall meeting in 2001, for a second I thought it was the real Steve Jobs! After about an hour, the movie started to get a little boring, so I think older people would enjoy this movie more than I did. This film is filled with laughs and great acting, but I don’t think this movie is appropriate for kids under 14 because there is a lot of language. But if you are 14 and over, I think you would really enjoy this movie and laugh a lot from it.

Also, here is the film’s site.

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