FilmToppings in the News

Check it out! I’m on the Lagonian Foster City newspaper!




On October 12, at the Transbay Festival in San Francisco, I was interviewed by a man named Greg, who has his own blog called Nerd Stalker. Here is the link to the interview.

8 thoughts on “FilmToppings in the News

  1. Hi Gal,
    i loved the interview! you sounded so cute yet proffessional and clever.
    As a new follower i hope to be frequently updated with new interesting reviews and yummy toppings 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Doda Michal

  2. gal I cant wait intil you are going to be on the news you are on the news so much.

  3. whats up its captainredskull from instagram. barely found your reviewing page!!!!! its awesome

  4. Hi! It’s dm_da_critic from Instagram. Holy Mackeral this site is amazing! Really nice setup and you really need to tell me how you launched it.

  5. Hey Gal. Just found your website, and I just have to let you know how amazing it is. I definitely have a few movies I need to watch. Keep up the great work buddy.

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