My name is Gal Balaban and I am an eighteen-year-old young man from California. I’ve always loved movies and have been reading and learning about movies since I can remember. I’ve also always loved pizza, which was the inspiration behind the name I chose for my blog and my unique rating system. In this blog, I write reviews about movies that I have recently seen. I hope you enjoy my blog, vote for your favorite movies, and keep track of my reviews!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Galgul,

    I am very proud of your initiative, commitment and great articulation of your experience at the movies. The reviews are very vivid. I am also very impressed with your broad taste of artistic movies. You are awesome.


  2. Hi gal nice website from max kramer

  3. Hi Gal its Eric lets catching fire together

  4. Whoops forgot to say see 🙂

  5. Hey i go to liams school youre pretty cool

  6. Hey gal, you are swag.

  7. Gal,
    I remember when we were talking in Israel about marvel. You were informing me all about the infinity stones and lore. You mentioned that infinity wars would come out in 2018 which felt like so long. Now it has and your blog has grown so much.

  8. U tryna go on a movie date with me and Elliot ? 😉

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