Paper Clips

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This award-winning 2004 G-rated documentary, which I saw on Netflix this week, tells about middle school students in a school in Whitwell, Tennessee, wanting to understand the enormity of the Jews who died in the Holocaust, create a monument for the Holocaust victims by deciding to collect 6 million paper clips. Paper clips were collected by the students and donated to the school as well by Holocaust survivor descendants and Holocaust survivors themselves. At the last count there were over 30 million paper clips received. The school soon put all the paper clips in a railcar.

I think the Paper Clips Project was a very big accomplishment, and I am very proud of the school, the students, and everyone who supported the project. This movie also taught me more about the Holocaust.  I think people of all ages will enjoy this wonderful movie.

One thought on “Paper Clips

  1. Hi sweetie, Your mom told me that you saw this picture together and that it was extremely moving. Your review is mature and it shows that you really understood this complex subject. It is indeed almost impossible for anyone, and more so for young children, to comprehend the atrocity of the holocaust. This original idea of collecting millions of paper clips was a very subtle means to demonstrate the horror. I only have one remark…. this has nothing to do with ‘the history of paper clips’ as you put it and I thing that you should correct or delete this phrase. Love, Dvora

    On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 3:51 AM, FilmToppings

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