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Have you ever wondered how it’s like to be stranded in space with no communication with Earth and a limited amount of oxygen? In this movie, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play two astronauts, Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski, who are on a space shuttle mission. It is Stone’s first mission but Kowalski’s last before he retires. The film begins with an amazing 13-minute scene, beginning with a view of Earth from space. Then you start to hear Stone and Kowalski speaking with the Mission Control in Houston. The space shuttle starts getting closer to the screen and you can see the astronauts. Soon, Houston starts to warn them about a field of satellite debris, which is now destroying more shuttles. Their shuttle is soon destroyed as well, and now Stone and Kowalski are the only two survivors, with a limited amount of oxygen and no more communication with Earth. Stone, now panicking, must work with her partner to get to a nearby Chinese space station and get back home.

I saw this movie last week and loved it! The cinematography and visual effects are amazing, beautiful and visually stunning! I think it deserves an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography. When you see how realistic all the scenery looks like, you may think, “How the heck did they do that?” It’s amazing how the filmmakers can make everything look so darn realistic! I wonder if they actually filmed it in space.

I would recommend this movie for kids 13 and up because there is some language and a lot of intensity.

Here is the film’s site and trailer.

Gal Gravity Film

4 thoughts on “Gravity

  1. Gal, I love your review and deep appreciation of the special affects.

  2. My dear Gal,
    I have often thought about the courage, sense of adventure and professional skill of these people that are not afraid to go up into space and risk the unknown. After all, so many things can go wrong! I am sure you heard about Ilan Ramon, the Israeli astronaut that got killed on a mission 10 years ago along with all his shuttle mates. The story of this movie sounds apocalyptic and totally scary but I may still decide to watch it, if only because you recommend it and I am convinced that it has a happy ending.
    Love, Dvora

  3. Hi galgol. I like very much to read all yours reviews
    I hope it helps a lot of people to decide weather to watch the film or not
    Miss you

    kisses aharona

  4. Great movie! BTW nice review Gal!

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