The Amazing Spider-Man

My rating: 

2 days ago, I went to see the movie The Amazing Spider-Man with my friend and his parents. I really enjoyed the movie and now it is one of my favorites. It is about a teenage orphan named Peter Parker, who lives with his aunt and uncle, gets bit by a spider and gets new powers like web-shooting and wall-climbing. He soon becomes Spider-Man. But when Dr. Curt Connors, a man who used to work with Peter’s father, tries to use lizard DNA to get his arm back, he turns into The Lizard and tries to turn all living human beings into lizards. Now Spider-Man must defeat The Lizard and save New York City. In the end, Spider-Man replaces the lizard DNA cloud with an antidote cloud, which turns The Lizard back into Dr. Curt Connors. I really liked Andrew Garfield’s role as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man and Emma Stone’s role as Gwen Stacy. I would recommend this movie for anyone who likes Marvel movies.

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