The Artist

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4 months ago, I went to see the movie The Artist with my grandmother, who had come to visit us from Israel. Even though the movie was silent ( like the old movies before the talkies), I enjoyed it. Some parts were sad, but some parts were also funny. It is about a silent movie actor named George Valentin, who falls in love with a young woman named Peppy Miller. When talking movies begin, George refuses to start making talking movies with his studio, while Peppy, on the other hand, becomes a big star of talkies. George goes on making silent movies by himself, which fail, and leaving him unemployed, miserable, and alcoholic and he even tries to kill himself. At the end, George and Peppy end up starring in a talking movie together. It is a tribute to the first films ever made ( the silent films), and as a movie lover, I enjoyed experiencing the beginning of cinema. It is a movie about love, friendship, believing in yourself and moving on with time/progress.

Also, here is the trailer of The Artist:

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