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Today, I went to see the movie Zambezia with my grandmother and my brother. The movie was in Hebrew, but we still enjoyed it. It is about a young falcon named Kai, who lives with his father, Tendai. One day, Kai flies away from his home to a huge bird city called Zambezia, where he tries to join a group of professional flying birds known as the Hurricanes, but he is only accepted as a trainee. In Zambezia, he meets Sekhuru, the founder and head of Zambezia(also a falcon), and his daughter, Zoe. However, when his father follows him to Zambezia, he gets caught by a lizard! Now Kai must rescue his father and Zoe and save Zambezia from the lizard which threatens its existence. Kai puts his own life in danger, jumps down from the cliff after the lizard, rescues his father and Zoe, and becomes Zambezia’s hero and a full Hurricane. I liked the idea that Kai, as he grows up, is trying to find his identity and become indepentent. At the same time, he remains a good and devoted son to his father and a loyal friend to his newly acquired mates and doesn’t hesitate to risk his life to save them from evil.

Also, here is the Zambezia trailer.

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