The Magic of Belle Isle

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Yesterday, I saw the movie The Magic of Belle Isle with my grandfather. It is about a handicapped novelist named Monte Wildhorn, who has lost his intrest in writing after his struggle with alchololism. He takes a cabin in a place called Belle Isle for the summer, where he befriends a single mom who lives next door with her three daughters, who help him find inspiration again.  In the beginning of the movie, Morgan Freeman’s characher, Monte Wildhorn, feels like he wants to commit suicide: his wife, Mary, had died 6 years ago, he has stopped writing, and he can no longer walk or use his left arm. But after meeting Charlette O’Neil, the woman next door, he begins to soften a little, and also starts telling the girls the secrets of being an author. In one scene, after reading a eulogy written by someone else, Wildhorn hands the paper back to the author, telling him,”Don’t change a word.” That tells us that he had liked how the author wrote the speech. Virginia Madsen’s character, Charlette O’Neil, is a very pleasing woman. She wants to serve everyone and wants everything to be fine. Her character helps to build the relationship between the miserable Wildhorn and herself. I think it is a movie about friendship, family and love and I also think it is a little funny. I would reccomend this movie for everyone, including adults.

Also, here is the trailer of The Magic of Belle Isle.

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