Men in Black 3

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Yesterday, I saw the movie Men in Black 3. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was really funny. I also really liked the action sequences of the movie. Barry Sonnenfeld directs the film, like he also directed the first 2 films in the ”Men in Black” trilogy. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to portray the two MIB senior agents J and K. One day, an intergalactic criminal named Boris the Animal (played by Jemaine Clement) escapes from jail and wants to get revenge on K. K had shot of one of Boris’ arms and aressted him on July 16, 1969. In order to get revenge, Boris time-jumps back to July 16, 1969 and kills the 1969 version of K (played by Josh Brolin). J soon realizes that Boris had time-jumped to 1969 and killed the younger K, so he time-jumps to July 15, 1969 (a day before the modern-day Boris arrived and killed the younger K), where he meets the 29-year old K and together, they go on a mission to kill the younger Boris before the modern-day Boris arrives and kills the younger K. I also really liked Emma Thompson’s role as Agent O, the head of MIB in present day(Alice Eve plays the 1969 version of Agent O), and I also really liked Michael Stulbarg’s role as Griffin, an alien who moved to Earth after his own planet was destroyed. I would reccomend this movie for anyone who likes the ”Men in Black” trilogy or any other science fiction movies.

Also, here is the Men in Black 3 trailer.

One thought on “Men in Black 3

  1. I saw this movie only one time it was pretty creepy and weird.It was crazy

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