Mrs. Doubtfire

My rating: 

Yesterday, I saw the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. I really enjoyed it and I thought it was funny. It is about a voice actor named Daniel Hillard (played by Robin Williams), who, after a divorce with a woman named Miranda (played by Sally Field), is told that he can only see his children once a week, and he thinks that it is not enough, so he dresses up as a woman named ”Mrs. Doubtfire” and becomes his children’s housekeeper, letting him see them more. I think this is one of Robin Williams’ best and funniest movies (another one of my favorite movies starring Robin Williams is Hook). I also liked Sally Field’s role as Daniel’s ex-wife, Miranda Hillard. The rest of the cast includes Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, and Mara Wilson as Daniel and Miranda’s children and Pierce Brosnan as Stuart Dunmire, Miranda’s boyfriend after her divorce with Daniel. I think that the moral of the movie is that even if your parents don’t love each other, they’ll still always love you. I would reccomend this movie for the whole family.

Also, here is the trailer of Mrs. Doubtfire.

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