Arthur Christmas

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Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus delivers 2 billion presents in 1 night? Well, in this movie, which is now availible on DVD and Blu-ray, you will find out how he does it. This 2011 Christmas holiday themed movie is directed by Sarah Smith and stars James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nighy, Imelda Saunton, Jim Broadbent and Ashley Jensen. It tells the story of Arthur (McAvoy), Santa’s son. In this movie, Santa (Broadbent) delivers the Christmas presents with an ultra-high-tech “sleigh” known as the S-1, which is piloted by his older son, Steve (Laurie) and Steve’s elf assistant, Peter (Marc Wooton). On Christmas night, the elves deliver all the presents to all the children across the world. Soon the mission is complete and every present is delivered, until Arthur finds out that one present, which belongs to a girl in England named Gwen Hynes (Ramona Marquez), has not been delivered. Together with an elf named Bryony (Jensen), and his grandfather, Grand-Santa (Nighy), Arthur goes on an adventure on the original old wooden sleigh, named Evie, to deliver the present to Gwen. Also, Imelda Saunton plays Margaret Claus, Santa’s wife.

I really liked this movie, its animation, and humorous, smart and heart-warming story. I would recommend this movie for kids of all ages. Maybe even adults might enjoy this hilarious film.

Also, here is the website and the trailer of the movie.

One thought on “Arthur Christmas

  1. Hi Galgul,
    This really sounds like a very original and intriguing idea – indeed, how does Santa accomplish this impossible task in one night?! well, and, as you say in your nice and humorous account of the movie, even Santa is human and can be forgetful! Such a nice story, especially tailored for this time of the year! I don’t believe that this movie will arrive in Israeli cinemas, though, as we don’t celebrate Christmas around here, but we may see it on u-tube or on one of the film channels.
    Lots of love,

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