Despicable Me 2

My rating: ratings4

The minions are back in Despicable Me 2! Gru (Steve Carell) is now making jellies and is no longer a villan. He has 3 adopted daghters, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith and Agnes. One day, he is recruited by the Anti-Villan League (AVL) to track down the thief of the PX-41, a serum that transforms living beings into killing machines. While going undercover as a worker at a cupcake shop at a mall, Gru realizes that one of the suspects at the mall is actually El Macho, a villan who Gru thought had died 20 years earlier. This movie also stars Kristen Wiig, Russell Brand, Benjamin Bratt, Steve Coogan, Moises Arias, Ken Jeong, and Kristen Schaal.

I saw this movie with my family, and we all laughed out loud and enjoyed the movie. I think it was as funny and despicable as the first Despicable Me movie. I would recommend this movie for kids all ages. I think adults will also enjoy this hilarious film.

Also, here is the film’s site


One thought on “Despicable Me 2

  1. Yeah we saw it together it was so funny and the minions were so cute.

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