In a post-war Chicago, the population is divided into five factions: Abnegation (selfless), Amity (kind), Candor (honest) Erudite (intelligent), and Dauntless (brave). Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) finds out that she is Divergent (which means that she doesn’t fit into any of the five factions) after a test, and to hide this fact (since the government has been hunting Divergents because they think Divergents are threats), she joins Dauntless at the Choosing Ceremony. In the Dauntless initiation, she trains to become a true Dauntless member and makes some new friends, including Christina (Zoe Kravitz) and she makes a romantic relationship with one of the instructors, Four (Theo James). Things become more complicated when one faction turns against the other, and Tris and Four must stop the battle and fix everything.

Divergent is neither a fun nor interesting film. From the first 20 minutes, I knew I wouldn’t like the film, and from there it became worse. The story is a complete rip-off of The Hunger Games, there wasn’t anything about it that didn’t feel familiar. The sets, characters, and everything felt so borrowed and uninspired. The cast are all terrible and very overused, not to mention uninteresting. All the characters are boring, and there are some moments that the actors make very embarrassing. Although I admire some of the actors in this film, including Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet, that is no excuse for their awful job in this film, as Tris was not good protagonist, and Kate Winslet’s villain felt so forced, bland, and unoriginal. Nothing in the film felt new, surprising, or even intense. Everything feels so generic and tries too hard to make you understand things you don’t want to. I don’t know how this will move on as a series without any of the sequels being as awful as this.

If you are a huge fan of the novels, you might want to try this one out, but if you’re not, you should definitely avoid it.

Lead characters Tris and Four stand above a futuristic Chicago.


5 thoughts on “Divergent

  1. הנכד של אילנה. יש לו אתר לכתיבת ביקורת על סרטים תיראי את ההתנסחות והמילים אין סרט שהוא לא רואה. מאז שהיה קטן. הוא בן 11.5 שנה הוא היה אצל מפיקי סרטים של דיסני ושלכל סרטי האנימציה בקליפורניה הוא יודע על כל מי שמדובב משחק מפיק במאי איזה סרטים עשו הופיעו מי משחק. כל שם ושם הוא טורף סרטים וספרים הוא רואה איזה 200 סרטים בשנה הוא מתוק משהוא משהוא הוא גאון לדעתי יש לט בראש מחשבון מאז שהיה תימוק אם את אומרת לו שנולדת בתאריך זה וזה. בכל שנה הוא יגיד לה באיזה יום בשבוע בכל שנה יפול התאריך וזה תוך שניות

    נשלח מה-iPad שלי! אהרונה אמיר

    ב-28 במרץ 2014, בשעה 07:27, FilmToppings כתב/ה:

  2. Dear Gal,
    I really loved your review. It is very thorough, profound and comprehensive. You absolutely refer to any relevant aspect of the movie, including the fact that it’s a successful adaptation of the book. People that love a certain book are usually disappointed by the movie, but here you make a good comparison between the two media and you even recommend the spectators to be patient beyond the first 20 minutes.
    As you know, I am leaving for Australia tomorrow and I’ll take Liam to see this movie (if he hasn’t seen it already). Do you think Ella (who will be 9 soon) will enjoy it too?
    Lots of love, Dvora

    • You should take Liam to watch this movie (he might enjoy it), but do not even consider taking Ella! It’s too violent of a movie for her age.

  3. גלגול
    אתה מתוק מתוק מתוק נשיקות אהרונה

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