Jupiter Ascending


In a bright and colorful future, a young destitute caretaker gets targeted by a ruthless son of a powerful family that live on a planet in need of a new heir, so she travels with a genetically engineered warrior to the planet in order to stop his tyrant reign.

February brings another slight disappointment, although I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. I thought it would be pretty fun, and don’t get me wrong, it is pretty entertaining. But whenever there isn’t action, it’s sometimes painful to watch. The movie suffers from an abundance of characters, a not-so-talented cast, and a ridiculous story-line. The acting is all very bad, especially our lead, Mila Kunis. She is great in comedies, but she does not know how to do a serious role. Channing Tatum does fine, but the chemistry between him and Kunis’ character is absolutely needless. Eddie Redmayne is a weak and terrible villain, who doesn’t speak clearly and acts very bratty. I wouldn’t be surprised if he won an Oscar for his role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, but he does not do good in this role. Douglas Booth’s character is confusing and unlikable. Sure, the visual effects are amazing to look at, and this universe imagined in the film is cool, but it isn’t delivered well, and the subplots are awful, are very painful to watch, and simply show us how bad of an actress Mila Kunis can be, not that she typically is.

Overall, Jupiter Ascending is a disappointment, having too many characters played by bad actors, too many stupid subplots and product placements, and a whole lot of wasted potential. Besides the Matrix trilogy, the Wachowski Brothers have not made any good movies in their career. This and Speed Racer are proof.

'Jupiter Ascending' Theatrical Poster.jpg

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