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Renga is an interactive, cinematic game in which the audience gets a laser pointer, and using it, they must build their ship, defend it, and battle “the Boss”- Renga. Renga won Best New Platform at the Palo Alto International Film Festival (PAIFF), and I was lucky to attend it at the film festival. I enjoyed this experience, especially taking part of the plot, and  even being encouraged to be loud and share ideas with others in the audience. At the end of the movie there was a Q&A session with the two filmmakers – both from England – and I asked a question about the inspiration behind the making of Renga. “People were already making social games” they answered, “and we thought there must be a way of making a social game that includes many people together in a room, in a way that makes the theatrical experience still necessary and relevant”.

I was excited to meet the filmmakers and take part in such a unique cinematic experience! This photo features me with Adam Russell, one of the two movie directors (the other director is named John Sear).  

The PAIFF also offered a youth filmmaking workshop, which I attended. I enjoyed learning about the history of filmmaking, and exeprience production-making with some other young movie lovers.

3 thoughts on “Renga

  1. Hi Gal,
    It sound exciting! What a great game! I wish I could be there!

  2. Hi Gal, this is Adam who you met – shown in the photo above. I love your review! Thanks 🙂 One thing – can you change “the movie director” to “one of the movie’s two directors” We mustn’t forget Renga is a two-man effort! John Sear is my creative partner in this work.

  3. גלוש אתה מדהים! גאים בך המון!

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