Man of Steel

My rating: ratings4

Clark Kent (biologically known as Kal-El, son of Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and played by Henry Cavill) is a Kryptonian who was sent to Earth by his parents before Krypton was destroyed and his parents were killed. He was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane)  many years later, Clark is now an adult and is hiding his powers while working at different jobs. But when Krypton’s military General, General Zod (Michael Shannon), send a threatening message to all humans, demanding that Kal-El surrender to him, or humanity will suffer the consequences, Kal-El now must become the hero Superman and save Earth from General Zod. The film’s cast also includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White, and Antje Traue as Faora, Zod’s second-in-command.

This film has good cinematography, visual effects, cast and action.  This movie may be a little long (it’s almost 2 and a half hours long), but it’s still worth watching until the end of the movie.  It is badly written, though, and it drags on for too long, but it’s still very entertaining.

Here is the film’s site and trailer.

The photo below features my friends (who saw the movie with me) and I in front of the Man of Steel poster.

Man of Steel pic 2

4 thoughts on “Man of Steel

  1. Galgul, you are our own young man of steel! hope you enjoyed your party and look forward to watching many more movies together and reading your thoughtful reviews!

  2. Dear Galgul,
    I am really delighted that you enjoyed this movie so much and even awarded it 5 slices which you rarely do. It seems like a great thriller and a lot of fun. Perhaps we’ll go in Israel with Liam and Amit. I don’t think Ella will like it too much.
    I can hardly wait to see you very soon.
    Lots of love, Dvora

  3. to tell you the truth the movie wasn’t that scary but the action was just epic. Gal, thank you for inviting me to your birthday and watching the movie with me

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