Monsters University

My rating: ratings2

Did you ever wonder how James P.  Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) became such great scarers? The answer is that they learned all their scaring techniques from Monsters University, their college school. Mike and Sulley were both scaring majors who were kicked out of the Scaring Program. They then join the Oozma Kappa fraernity and compete against other fraternities, including Roar Omega Roar, Jaws Theta Chi and Python Nu Kappa, to win the Scare Games so they could get back in the Scaring Program.

This film has great animation, great cast, humor and is full of heart. Even though this movie is rated G, I think it is too mature for kids younger than age 10, because there are many things that they wouldn’t understand. So I highly recommend that you only take your child to this movie if they are 10 years old or over.

This movie wasn’t the best animated movie ever, and probably not the best animated movie of the year, either, and I think Monsters Inc. was better because it was funnier and didn’t have a disapointing ending like MU did.

The movie was accompanied by an animated short film called The Blue Umbrella, which I thought was really dumb, with every thing in the town having a face, including umbrellas, buildings, mailboxes, and water spouts. It’s like and umbrella version of Paperman, another Pixar short film that accompanied Wreck-It Ralph.

Also, here is Monsters University’s site and trailer.


2 thoughts on “Monsters University

  1. Yes I saw it with you.It was ok. מה היה כמת תוב.

    • Dear Galgul,
      I enjoyed watching it with you, Liam and Ella. It was funny and entertaining but I expected more. Some parts were practically boring and repetitive and the ending was somehow disappointing. Nevertheless, I loved it – we spent some great time together and that was fun.
      Love, Dvora

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