The Nice Guys


A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the deaths of fading stars in 1970s Los Angeles, which leads them to uncover what could be a shocking criminal conspiracy.

Man, does Shane Black know how to make a movie of his own. Both The Nice Guys and Black’s 2006 movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (starring Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer) are so brilliantly written and directed and work as both action movies and comedies. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are both able to carry the movie so well with their wit, humor, and lines. The way their characters are written and developed is great and their personalities are hilarious and entertaining. The chemistry between the two is not something I’ve seen in one of these movies before, because it is nailed so well here. That’s only one part of what makes the movie outstandingly done. The ’70s vibe of the film adds a lively setting and soundtrack to the movie, as well as some mature humor rather than what you’d see in a goofy Seth Rogen comedy. Black does a wonderful job choreographing the movie’s action sequences, and includes not only entertainment but also lots of humor within these scenes.

In a time where we get more superhero movies, remakes and adaptations than original films, The Nice Guys feels so fresh because of its originality. Although it has many similarities to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, like its humor, excellent chemistry between two protagonists, and a mystery behind a missing woman, there are some new things Shane Black decides to try, and completely nails, like empowering a child character and making her a main character (something that didn’t work well for him in Iron Man 3). Things like this feel so daring but Black makes sure this movie turns out to be everything it wants to be, and he succeeds. The movie doesn’t turn out to be anything inspiring, but it’s not supposed to be. Instead it’s an excellent action comedy with great wit and originality, that’s meant for gags and pure fun.

The Nice Guys is the most original non-indie we’ve received in a while, with more than solid directing from Shane Black, and excellent performances. Every plot point here is nailed, even though not everything was clearly tied up at the end. It’s awesome, hilarious, and smart, more than anything else. Please help this movie do well at the box office (its struggling at the box office because it was released on the same day as a kids movie and a comedy sequel) by buying a ticket and watching this excellent movie. It’s not recommended for younger teens and kids, but adults and older teens will definitely appreciate and love this movie.

The Nice Guys poster.png

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